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Stop Ransomware with TrueFort Intelligent Workload Segmentation

Better Microsegmentation for Application Workloads

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Workload segmentation is critical for preventing lateral movement — an accelerating priority

999 %
of all attacks now involve lateral movement attempts
avg minutes before intruders start moving laterally
999 %
of orgs use or plan to use microsegmentation as part of a zero trust strategy

CISOs see applications and workloads as the most vulnerable and fastest growing breach points
– VMware 2021 U.S. Security Insights Report

TrueFort Intelligent Workload Segmentation

A radically easier and more effective microsegmentation solution

Security teams are familiar with microsegmenting network traffic, devices, or identities but application and workload segmentation has been difficult to implement, error prone and expensive to maintain. Until now.

Stop damaging cyberattacks from reaching your business-critical applications and data

TrueFort Fortress

A POWERFUL UNIFIED PLATFORM bringing the benefits of zero trust protection to your application environment

Advanced behavioral analytics and machine intelligence build a comprehensive understanding of all your applications and workloads, in real-time and cloud-to-ground.

That behavioral understanding powers zero trust visibility, controls, and response like no other solution on the market.

TrueFort vs the Competition:
3 Reasons TrueFort is Better


Dynamic, automated, and accurate workload segmentation. No more out of date info or clunky IP and firewall management


Cloud-to-ground coverage ensures every workload is monitored and protected down to the process level, even in legacy environments


Unified zero trust visibility and protection for your entire application workload environment – Not just a microsegmentation tool

Segmentation that Works


Enforces least-privilege microsegmentation policies across the network with a behavioral allow-list for each workload, making it harder for attackers to move laterally and escalate privileges.


Automates the entire process of application workload discovery, environment mapping and visualization, workload behavioral profiling, and segmentation policy creation, testing, and deployment.


Contextual, auto-generated and updated policies are more accurate, eliminating the risk of blocking errors that negatively impact business operations.


Automation and accuracy speed time to value and enforcement, eliminating costly and staff intensive segmentation policy maintenance and tuning.


Real-time zero trust protection against growing cyberthreats like ransomware, insider threats, supply chain and other cyberattacks that leverage east-west movement.



Top Manufacturer Trusts TrueFort Microsegmentation

How a top manufacturer finds a superior behavior-based microsegmentation solution with TrueFort & CrowdStrike


Why We Need To Apply Zero Trust To Applications

Applying zero trust concepts to applications can more fully protect from risk, prevent brand damage and avoid business interruption.


TrueFort & CrowdStrike Data Sheet

Experience how TrueFort extends your CrowdStrike investment for Zero Trust application protection.


TrueFort Now Offers

Accurate, enforceable segmentation in weeks, not months!

Zero trust workload segmentation using the Falcon agent and Falcon Firewall Manager you’re already using

Get Zero Trust Protection with TrueFort & CrowdStrike

TrueFort Fortress Supports Multiple Zero Trust Microsegmentation Initiatives

Zero Trust Security
Only TrueFort brings you zero trust behavior-based microsegmentation
Zero Trust Security
Segment your applications and workloads using our exclusive zero trust behavior-based approach
Stop Lateral Movement
A key part of a zero trust strategy
Stop Lateral Movement
Prevent east-west exploration, privilege escalation, and access to high value systems and data
Accelerate Cloud Migration
Fast visibility and next-gen protection
Accelerate Cloud Migration
Behaviorally map applications and workloads so you can be confident moving to the cloud
Segment Environments
Easily isolate critical assets, your way
Segment Environments
Easily section off environments for security, compliance, or business reasons
Innovate Faster
Limit connections between dev and production
Innovate Faster
Separate development and test environments from production systems
Ensure Compliance
Easily segment systems and data
Ensure Compliance
Define and maintain data isolation to confidently comply with regulations
Speed Incident Response
Quickly and easily isolate compromised systems
Speed Incident Response
Instantly stop lateral movement of attackers and the impact of breaches
66% of CISOs
say they need better contextual security in place
65% of CISOs
say they need better visibility over data and apps to preempt attacks

Customers Are Talking...

“The behavioral profiling is peerless and it’s invaluable for incident response.”

— Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

Zero Trust Segmentation for Your Industry

Financial Services
Protect against ransomware, support incident response, and stay in compliance with PCI and SWIFT
Financial institutions faced a 238% spike in attacks in the first half of 2020
Protect customer data against malicious attacks, secure older systems, easily maintain PCI, GDPR, and other compliance
44% of retail organizations were hit by ransomware in the last year
Segment apps by lifecycle stage, streamline digital transformation, power zero trust across hybrid environments
Technology orgs take an average of 246 days to detect and mitigate a data breach
Healthcare & Pharma
Stop ransomware attacks, keep HIPAA and HITRUST compliance, and speed incident response
Healthcare orgs take an average of 236 days to detect a data breach
Proactively prevent and detect supply chain and ransomware attacks, see and easily secure legacy systems
1/3rd of attacks on manufacturers are information-stealing malware
Protect against ransomware, nation-state and other attacks, secure legacy systems and support incident response
Ransomware was the top attack type against orgs with connected OT networks in 2021


See the next generation of security for enterprise application environments

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