TrueFort + CrowdStrike

Leverage your existing CrowdStrike deployment, no additional agents required.


Most businesses rely on mission-critical applications — whether on-premise or in the cloud — to run daily operations. TrueFort provides real-time visibility and behavior analytics for all of your enterprise applications, wherever they may be. By leveraging your CrowdStrike deployment, no additional agents are required. TrueFort uses CrowdStrike data pulled straight from AWS to automatically create baseline behavioral profiles of applications. You can then enable alerting to detect and report on unapproved network, process or identity in near real-time, letting you know right away when things are happening that shouldn’t.

  • Log and track malicious behavior
  • Create comprehensive maps of applications and connections
  • Leverage existing investments in Falcon
  • Easily define what should and shouldn’t be happening in your environment
  • Detailed, actionable alerts
TrueFort Analytics for CrowdStrike™

Leverage your existing investment in Falcon

TrueFort Analytics

Quick Deployment, Low Effort, Low Risk, High Value


Insight and FDR Enabled

ANALYTICS accesses event-based telemetry gathered by Falcon to map, and monitor your applications – pulling straight from AWS via FDR after a CMDB import to make sure you’re only getting the most relevant information.

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TrueFort provides real-time visibility, behavior analytics, and automated controls to monitor and manage network, OS, software, and identity to understand and better protect your applications.

With our unique "7-tuple" methodology - TrueFort gives you the information and context you need to know with certainty your critical environments are secure. 

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