TrueFort Protect

Total protection: From visibility to enforcement.

Protect and segment applications in real time using TrueFort Protect.


Built on the powerful TrueFort agent and automated platform.

Visualize applications in real time across 115+ parameters and all platforms. Supports legacy environments.

Create application dependency maps that include application components, network flow, software, and identity. Use maps for monitoring or for compliance.


Query endpoints across all parameters in real time.


Centralize control of host-based firewalls using micro-segmentation.


Use real-time, automated response for greater application control: block networks, kill processes, disconnect users, and uninstall software.

TrueFort provides real-time visibility, behavior analytics, and automated controls to monitor and manage network, OS, software, and identity to understand and better protect your applications.

With our unique "7-tuple" methodology - TrueFort gives you the information and context you need to know with certainty your critical environments are secure. 

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