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Cloud Workload Protection

Existing management and monitoring tools lack the ability to detect workload configuration risks or identify malicious activity with more accuracy than high-volume alerts. TrueFort protects workloads from compromise by dynamically adapting to unusual activity to maintain protect across on-premises and cloud workloads.

Point solutions fail to understand how applications operate

  • Shifting security threats – increased sophistication in security threats has made blocking known attack indicators ineffective
  • Unrestricted lateral movement – once initial access has occurred, attackers are often free to move across the network, unrestricted
  • Workload protection lacks application context – security teams have no ability to know and validate workload behavior with application owners
  • Security is completely different in the cloud – applications and their unknown dependencies introduce unwanted risk in migrations to the cloud.

Protecting Workloads Requires
Understanding and Enforcing the Legitimate

Application Intelligent

Enforce workload segmentation to protect against lateral movement, ransomware, and data exfiltration attacks while informing the SOC for response.

Workload Profiles

Continuously monitor for drift in workload behavior with a positive security model, alerting on or blocking activities outside of the expected norm.

Segmentation Profiles

Understand, manage, and control trust around workloads to proactively protect against unknown risks that threaten workloads.

Enact Least
Privilege Success

Learned behavior enables security teams to create least privileged access policies and minimize cloud workload risk.


TrueFort Platform: Zero Trust Segmentation and Workload Protection


TrueFort zero trust solutions proactively protect applications from APTs, data exfiltration, and many other threats to modern enterprises.

TrueFort™ Platform Overview


Applications manage most business-critical data assets, securing them from threats is a high priority. The challenge is understanding how applications and their workloads behave and interoperate. Ensure workload protection through the applications they serve.

Fortress: Full-Stack Cloud Workload Protection


Workload-centric, real-time visibility and behavioral analytics secure all your dynamic app and cloud workloads.

Fortress + CrowdStrike: Cloud Workload Protection


Fortress and CrowdStrike prevent compromise and reduce risk to your application & cloud workloads with no additional agent required.
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