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Microsegmenting Environments

Protecting workloads has become much harder due to the diverse environments, complex architectures, and dynamic application and workload changes. This creates an overly trusted environment that existing infrastructure tools weren’t created to understand. TrueFort provides intelligent microsegmentation to manage business critical data assets.

Next-gen firewalls and IP-based segmentation fail to protect

  • Understanding attack surface – threats from the outside and compromised insiders cannot be stopped from moving laterally by existing network endpoint security solutions.
  • Discovering and mapping applications – identifying a trusted baseline of expected workload and account activity in operating environments is impossible from security alerts.
  • Excessive entitlements – excessive entitlements occur for users and machines and are very rarely adjusted or revoked when needed to reduce risk.
  • Ensuring optimal operations – eliminating high risk activity across workloads is especially challenging to accomplish without sacrificing application performance.

Understanding all of the interactions across workloads is mandatory

Eliminate Excessive Trust Concerns

Unify the identification, management and enforcement of applications and workload behavior to create a continuously trusted environment.

Continuous Detection and Response

Adapts detection and response to control the lateral movement used by zero-day, supply chain, and ransomware attacks after their initial compromise.

Powerful Behavioral Understanding

Use machine learning to understand workload behavior within applications to create a trusted baseline and easily adapt to application changes and on the control of unrecognized behaviors.

Granular Application Visibility

Automate comprehensive mapping of complex application relationships and data flows, including the process, identity and network.


TrueFort microsegmentation on-demand webinar

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Defend your business against modern cyberthreats with TrueFort’s fast-track microsegmentation solution integrated with CrowdStrike

Stop Lateral Attacks with Workload Microsegmentation


Five ways intelligent workload segmentation halts lateral movement, proactively defends against attacks and speeds zero trust.

TrueFort™ Platform Overview


Applications manage most business-critical data assets, securing them from threats is a high priority. The challenge is understanding how applications and their workloads behave and interoperate. Ensure workload protection through the applications they serve.

Fortress: Full-Stack Cloud Workload Protection


Workload-centric, real-time visibility and behavioral analytics secure all your dynamic app and cloud workloads.
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