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Protect Application Workloads Through Continuous CIS Benchmarking

Most security teams are burdened with open source tools or periodic vulnerability scans to drive best practices implementing best practices for system hardening. TrueFort ‘s adaptive trust profiling enables security teams to shift to continuously validated configuration against CIS standards so risks don’t creep back into the environment.

Workload hardening is foundational yet harder in hybrid environments

  • Drift from initial configurations – server workload configurations are often confirmed at creation and change without notice
  • Periodic risk introduction – system vulnerabilities and misconfigurations are frequently introduce new risks and vulnerabilities over time.
  • Unknown risk posture – Effective risk management requires constant visibility into vulnerable software, infrastructure, and abnormal behavior.
  • Unable to prove compliance – audits require immediate evidence and and planning around security gaps based on policy, state and behavior.

A continuous verification of system state must span old and new

Compliance and Industry Mandates

Applications, systems and infrastructure can be continuously monitored and managed for user-defined policies and industry mandate, (CIS, NIST, PCI, NYDFS, etc.)

Automated Pro-active Tuning

Continually pen-testing systems, automatically assessing and detecting the risk posture, notifying teams of changes.

Continuous Verification

Extensive native rule packs and policies enable security teams to verification an application’s hardening status is maintained in a secure state and brought back into compliance if it deviates.

Application-specific Detection and Notification

Data, network access and configuration parameters are monitored against a trusted baseline of normal behaviors, alerting teams of deviations and changes.


TrueFort Platform: Zero Trust Segmentation and Workload Protection


TrueFort zero trust solutions proactively protect applications from APTs, data exfiltration, and many other threats to modern enterprises.

TrueFort™ Platform Overview


Applications manage most business-critical data assets, securing them from threats is a high priority. The challenge is understanding how applications and their workloads behave and interoperate. Ensure workload protection through the applications they serve.

Fortress: Incident Response & Threat Hunting


TrueFort Fortress enables superior Threat Hunting & Incident Response. No more hidden APTs. See and respond immediately.

Fortress: Improve App Risk Posture


Identify and shutdown the most common breach causes - poor hygiene, lack of hardening and misconfigurations.
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