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Application focused security at Wall Street speed and scale

The Story

It all started with a breach

In the 2010’s, cyber hackers were aggressively targeting major banks for their data. TrueFort’s co-founders were fending off high-stakes attacks as they led security and IT at global banking leaders like Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns and Bank of America.

One day, they faced a major data breach. In the weeks that followed, they couldn’t get the information they needed to fully understand and respond to the attack.

Although they’d spent millions on security software, the breach exposed the weaknesses in their ‘infrastructure-centric’ security methods and tools. They weren’t able to fully protect the critical applications on which these large financial institutions relied.

The Innovation

They realized that their business — and all businesses, really — needed a better approach. They launched TrueFort to build a solution that would give enterprise security teams real-time application insight and protection at scale.

That solution is TrueFort Fortress, the real-time application environment self-protection platform.

TrueFort by the Numbers

Years of global enterprise cybersecurity experience
Unique app behavioral parameters monitored
Alert & block time on anomalous behavior
Patents awarded and pending

Industry Recognition

2021 Winner

Cybersecurity Excellence: Cloud Protection Workload

2020 Winner

Top 25 Cybersecurity Company

2020 Winner

Top 25 Cybersecurity Company

2020 Finalist

Security Excellence: DevSecOps

2020 Winner

Red Herring North America

2020 Recognized

TAG Cyber Distinguished Vendor 2021 Annual

2020 Winner

TiE50 Entrepreneurs and Innovators Award

2020 Recognized

2020 Best Tech Startups in New Jersey

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