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TrueFort and Armis: Securing IT, IoT, and OT environments

The TrueFort Platform and Armis enhance security with real-time visibility and control across IT, IoT, and OT environments, ensuring only authorized communications occur. Get clear insight into standard operational behavior by thoroughly mapping all activities and applications across IT, IoT, OT/ICS/IIoT, building management systems, and devices, for a secure and effectively monitored production environment

Real-time insight into devices across all environments

  • TrueFort discovers and maps applications, servers, and their connections in IT environments, including telemetry from existing CrowdStrike, SentinelOne, and TrueFort agents
  • Armis agentless technology discovers and maps relationships between devices in IT/OT environments, feeding data into the TrueFort Platform for enriched device information
  • TrueFort Platform and Armis together enable organizations to discover, understand, and evaluate risk for IT, IoT, OT/ICS/IIoT, building management systems, and device assets
  • Together, one clear authoritative source for all assets and applications. Automated protection, enforcement, and clear flags for action, with enterprise level reporting

TrueFort and Armis: Better together for IT/OT security

Optimize cybersecurity ROI

Leverage Armis and existing EDR agents to optimize existing investments and streamline security operations with minimal impact, getting the best ROI possible

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Halt spread of any breach

Identify and control unauthorized lateral movement, such as ransomware, insider threats, and zero-day attacks. Prevent the propagation of any security breach

Environment behavior insights

Understand workload and device behavior and map it to enterprise applications to baseline normal operations. Gain confidence in what to block, disable, and kill

Granular best practices

Creating a smooth path to regulatory compliance for any standards requiring microsegmentation best practices—such as PCI DSS, SWIFT, SOX, CMMC, and more

Protecting critical assets

Enhance organizational security by enabling teams to discover, comprehend, and enforce security measures for IT and OT systems, while safeguarding network connections


TrueFort and Armis: IT/OT and IoT Protection and Visibility
Armis and TrueFort: Manufacturing Visibility and Control
Armis and TrueFort: Manufacturing Visibility and Control
TrueFort™ Platform: Controlling Lateral Movement
TrueFort Platform: Controlling Lateral Movement
TrueFort Microsegmentation
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TrueFort Advisor and Venture Partner - West Coast at Canaan, Bob Williams

Bob Williams

Advisor | Venture Partner - West Coast, Canaan
Maha Ibrahim, Canaan

Maha Ibrahim

Observer | General Partner - West Coast, Canaan
TrueFort CFO Eileen Spellman

Eileen Spellman

Managing Director Emerald Development Ptrs. And TrueFort Board Member, Charles Collins

Charles Collins

Observer - Mng. Director, Emerald Development Ptrs.
TrueFort CMO Matt Hathaway

Matt Hathaway


Matt Hathaway serves as TrueFort’s Chief Marketing Officer, leading the global marketing strategy to get TrueFort the recognition it deserves. Matt has extensive knowledge of security users, buyers, and landscape, as well as a track record of building high-performing marketing and product teams. He has over 15 years’ experience in the security market that span fraud prevention, vulnerability management, SIEM, cloud workload protection, data security, endpoint protection, and application security.

Prior to joining TrueFort, Mr. Hathaway was VP of Product Marketing at Imperva, a leader in Application and Data Security, where he led Product, Content, and Technical Marketing, SEO, and Competitive Intelligence. He was also VP of Product Marketing at Carbon Black (acquired by VMware), served in multiple product and marketing roles at Rapid7 (including through its IPO), and held product roles at RSA Security and Uptycs.

TrueFort Board Member and Principal & Founder of Bess Ventures & Adv., Lane Bess

Lane Bess

Member - Principal & Founder, Bess Ventures & Adv.
TrueFort Advisor and Chief Information Officer at Intel Corporation, Motti Finkelstein

Motti Finkelstein

Advisor - Chief Information Officer, Intel Corporation
TrueFort Advisor and Founder & President of Security Risk Solutions, Steve Katz

Steve Katz

Advisor - Founder & President, Security Risk Solutions
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