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How TrueFort Compares to Akamai Guardicore

TrueFort enforces behavior to avoid false positives

Akamai Guardicore provides snapshots of visibility into network traffic without any context into normal operations within each application. Unless users have a deep knowledge of all across all environments, segmentation policies often cause false positives. With the TrueFort Platform, users can leverage the CrowdStrike or SentinelOne agents they already have, to map application-specific behavior and suggest enforcement policies—thereby minimizing false positives by consideration of all necessary operations. 

TrueFort vs. Akamai Guardicore

  • Rapid deployment, unmatched visibility
    With TrueFort, CrowdStrike and SentinelOne customers simply follow a few steps and the telemetry from tens of thousands of installed agents begins mapping to applications and their corresponding workloads. Within only a few hours, users can discover unexpected traffic that isn’t explained by network devices alone.
  • Continuous and real-time behavior analytics
    The TrueFort Platform applies machine learning to all aspects of observed workload behavior, to provide a trusted baseline of process, account, command, and network activityincluding full recording of historical actions. This clarity provides security teams and application owners with the shared understanding needed to confidently adopt the platform’s suggested granular segmentation policies.
  • Powerful, customizable enterprise reporting 
    With TrueFort, all analyzed behavior is available within a robust reporting platformwith templated reports for a variety of business audiences. From auditors to architects and threat hunters, dashboards are easy to customize to match each organization’s unique environment and use cases.


Akamai Guardicore


Akamai Guardicore


Accelerated Visibility  

Simple setup process with CrowdStrike or SentinelOne configuration to ingest telemetry across thousands of servers in one day  

Paced By Agent Installation

Requires deployment of new agents and kernel modification on every workload, even those running EDR agents.  

Behavior Analytics  

Continuous and Unified 

Access baselines from machine learning across network, identity, process, and enterprise application  


No application-aware behavioral analysis or insight into service account activity 



Real-time and able to trigger based on a wide variety of factors, from network traffic to identity-based anomalies 


Alerts typically take over 15 minutes to appear and cannot trigger on deviations or anomalies 

Forensic Timeline 

Continuous and Contextual 

Dive deep into any historical activity from network connections down to the command line execution from one interactive investigation dashboard   


Provides only snapshots which lack full incident context to explain the before and after   

Incident Response 

Real-time and Interactive 

Respond immediately incident by blocking a network connection, killing a process, or disabling a user 



No interactive response capability—only future policy definition 

Service Account Protection 

Behavioral Policy Enforcement 

Review service account historical trends and easily tailor policy for each application’s behavioral profile 


No visibility in accounts or ability to set policy based on an identity’s action 

File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) 


Alert security teams when any critical files are modified, including details of what changed and by whom  


No ability to view or alert on critical file changes 



Access 100+ customizable enterprise reports spanning business continuity, frameworks like CIS, threat hunting, divestitures, and more 


No built-in reporting engine – customers must forward events and logs to a 3rd-party SIEM or similar reporting tool  

TrueFort vs. Akamai Guardicore

The TrueFort Platform revolutionizes cybersecurity with its quick deployment and superior visibility, utilizing CrowdStrike or SentinelOne agents to achieve detailed mapping over thousands of servers swiftly, and enabling proactive security measures in just weeks. Contrary to Akamai Guardicore, which faces difficulties with complex integrations and scaling, TrueFort excels in delivering ongoing, instantaneous behavior analytics, adaptable reporting, and comprehensive file integrity checks. This combination guarantees a fluid, scalable approach for detecting sophisticated threats, managing incident responses, and upholding compliance standards in any enterprise environment. 

Zero trust application security isn't easy

But TrueFort levels the playing field against cyber attackers


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