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cybersecurity standards

Cybersecurity Standards and Legal Bodies

An A-Z list of common cybersecurity standards, acronyms, and abbreviations for industry legal bodies 

As a cybersecurity writer, I have the unique opportunity to be at the crossroads where where marketing and cybersecurity intersect. This convergence of disciplines creates the perfect breeding ground for the proliferation of acronyms, especially when combined with cybersecurity standards and legislation. During my content creation journey in cybersecurity, I have, as a result, found it necessary to create a comprehensive catalog of cybersecurity acronyms and abbreviations – to understand the difference between the likes of ISA-99 and PCI DSS 4, and where the TrueFort Platform fits into the legislative security landscape.

This (hopefully) valuable resource covers a wide range of industry standards, general cybersecurity terms, job roles, and positions. I hope this collected list is helpful to someone out there – it certainly has, on occasion, been useful to me and my colleagues in marketing. I will try to include relevant citations and official resources wherever possible to provide further credibility, and this ‘catalog’ is currently divided into three categories, each deserving of a dedicated blog post in an attempt to make this more readable. Please explore the other posts to understand the relevant terms for:

For quick reference within your browser on each page, I recommend Control+F (PC)/Command+F (Mac) to search through the lists quickly. 

Legal body abbreviations and cybersecurity standards

As industry standards constantly evolve, with new guidelines and industry cybersecurity revisions appearing almost weekly, I will make every effort to ensure the list and associated links remain current. However, please note that I can only speak for the accuracy of this list at the time of the original publication.

The list is organized into three distinct categories, each covered in separate blog posts, focusing on general industry terms and abbreviations, this post covers legal body abbreviations and cybersecurity standards, and there is a further post on the topic of cybersecurity job role acronyms and IT security positions.

While this compilation is far from exhaustive, I do sincerely hope it proves valuable to our readers, and please feel free to contact me if you see any glaring omissions I should be aware of.

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