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Eight AI Tools to Help Programmers and Developers Write Code

As we rapidly careen towards Kurzweil’s singularity, that hypothetical point in our technological future at which growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, causing unforeseeable changes for mankind and the way we live, we’re seeing exciting advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) that significantly impact how programmers, developers, and security teams work. With the help of AI tools, developers and programmers can now generate and triage code quickly and easily, saving valuable time and resources.

1. ChatGPT

An obvious first port of call for many, if you provide ChatGPT with the programming language, function, and desired output, it’ll provide you with code that usually accomplishes any simple task. It can also offer guidance on the syntax and style of your code. If you are unsure of the best way to structure your code or if you want to ensure that your code adheres to best practices, ChatGPT is the basics for helpful suggestions and examples. It can provide guidance on security best practices when writing code. It can offer suggestions on protecting against common vulnerabilities such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting, and help ensure that your code adheres to industry standards. It’ll even offer code optimization, suggesting how to streamline your code for speed and efficiency, and can help identify bugs and errors. It is not, however, a code wring specialist…

There are more (and better) out there that are bred especially for the task. Here are just a few of the other leading AI tools that are tailored toward a professional and hands-on audience to generate code and streamline the programming process:

2. GitHub Copilot

Rapidly becoming the developer’s defacto darling, GitHub Copilot is a fairly new AI-powered tool that uses machine learning to generate code based on natural language inputs. By analyzing code patterns and context, GitHub Copilot can generate code that is both efficient and accurate. This tool has quickly gained popularity among programmers and has the potential to revolutionize the coding process through access to a dedicated community of fans.

3. Deep TabNine

A code autocompletion tool, Deep TabNine is an AI that uses deep learning algorithms to provide suggestions for completing code as you type. Billing itself as “Code Faster & Better,” which would also look excellent on a can of energy drink, its powerful ability to predict the next line of code has made Deep TabNine an essential and popular tool with many programmers, allowing them to write code faster, more efficiently, and more effectively. Built on GTP, it’s a specialist tool for the job.

4. DiffBlue

DiffBlue is another tool that helps programmers write more accurate and efficient code by automating the testing process. By analyzing your code, this “simulation of human intelligence” can generate tests to check for potential bugs and errors, helping you identify and fix issues quickly and easily.

5. Codegen

Codegen uses machine learning to generate code based on your specific requirements. By providing a simple user interface, Codegen allows you to specify your coding requirements, automatically generating the necessary code for you. This tool is proving incredibly helpful for many programmers, particularly those taking their first steps in coding.

6. Codota

Codota is a free IDE plugin that supports almost all IDEs and languages. The AI tool uses machine learning to provide real-time coding suggestions learned from millions of uses. By analyzing your code and context, Codota can provide personalized suggestions for completing your code, helping you write code more efficiently and effectively.

7. CodeOcean

CodeOcean allows its users to share and run code in the cloud. With its advanced features for collaboration and experimentation, CodeOcean AI has become an essential tool for many programmers, particularly those working on large-scale projects.

8. DeepCodeAI

With its advanced ability to identify potential bugs and errors, DeepCode has become an essential tool for many programmers, helping them write efficient and effective code. DeepCode uses machine learning to analyze your code and provide suggestions for improving its quality.

These are just 8 of the top AI tools transforming how programmers work. With their ability to generate code, provide real-time coding suggestions, and automate testing, these tools are helping programmers write code more efficiently and effectively. As AI advances, we can expect to see even more innovative tools to revolutionize security and development. It is an exciting time for the tech industry, and we look forward to seeing how AI will continue to shape the future of programming. If you are a programmer, we highly recommend checking out some of these tools and incorporating them into your workflow. They can help you save time, increase productivity, and write more accurate and elegant code. What’s not to love?

It’s now common practice for me to run any post I write through ChatGPT to check for duplicate online content and to add (if necessary) some SEO glitter. The image for this post was generated in MidJourney. AI can save time, accessorize what we do, provide a catalyst for ideas, and make our work more efficient if we’re prepared to embrace it.

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