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Leveraging Existing EDR Agents for Cybersecurity ROI

Organizations are increasing cybersecurity ROI by maximizing the use of their existing endpoint detection and response (EDR) agents

No one is giving money away, budgets are getting increasingly tighter, and security teams have to continuously find ways to strengthen their defense mechanisms against cyber threats. The team leaders I speak to have to justify the expenditure to the likes of finance directors, and it invariably comes back to getting the most for their spending, showing the clear and tangible benefits, and maximizing cybersecurity return on investment (ROI).

One incredibly effective strategy lies in the integration of existing Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) agents with a modern cybersecurity platform. This approach enhances network security by employing advanced microsegmentation to isolate and protect critical network segments and real-time behavioral analytics to detect anomalous activity swiftly. This combination results in a more dynamic, adaptable defense mechanism, significantly improving an organization’s ability to safeguard against sophisticated cyber threats and ensuring a full-bodied security posture.

Critically, offering the benefits above, it delivers a significant ROI, making it a very smart move for those organizations looking to optimize their cybersecurity resources.

The Power of Integration with Your EDR Agents

Before we talk about cybersecurity ROI, it’s fair to say that the synergy between existing EDR agents and advanced cybersecurity platforms is a game-changer for those organizations who take this route.

When I’m creating success/case studies, I get to interview many of our customers who are day-to-day and hands-on with our platform, and they always highlight the same benefits:

Enhanced Network Security

Organizations significantly enhance their overall network security by integrating the telemetry from EDR agents (like CrowdStrike or SentinalOne) with a cybersecurity platform that can do so – so, us, basically, as no other platform can. It’s a unique selling point for many of our customers and allows for a more comprehensive monitoring and defense strategy, covering many aspects of network security that single solutions might not see.

Deeper Visibility into Network Activities

EDR agents are capable of detecting and responding to threats at the endpoint level. When paired with a cybersecurity platform like TrueFort, this capability is extended across the entire network, giving far deeper visibility into network and enterprise application activities.

This expanded view and improved visibility are crucial for any organization that wants to identify and mitigate the new wave of continuous, sophisticated cyber threats—like zero-day attacks that can easily go unnoticed.

More Effective Threat Detection and Response

The combined power of EDR agents and an advanced platform results in a more robust threat detection and response mechanism. This integration enables organizations to quickly identify potential threats and efficiently respond in real-time and with clear context for action or automated responses, reducing the time to detect and mitigate cyber incidents.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Integrating existing EDR solutions with a modern cybersecurity platform can streamline security operations. It reduces the need for additional agents and simplifies management processes, leading to improved operational efficiency. This consolidation of resources not only saves compute resources but also reduces the complexity often associated with managing multiple security solutions.

Transitioning from traditional internal firewalls to a modern cybersecurity platform offers additional benefits, including operational efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced compliance. By automating tasks such as configuration and maintenance, alternative solutions can significantly reduce the time and manpower needed, translating to direct cost savings and a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This includes savings on hardware, software licenses, and management expenses. Moreover, platforms like ours minimize network downtime, a common consequence of cyberattacks, protecting against the added (if hidden) outlay of financial losses and reputational damage.

Cost-Effectiveness and ROI for Existing EDR Agents

One of the most compelling reasons I hear for this integration is its cost-effectiveness. Here’s what our customers and platform practitioners tell me about how it helps them get that additional ROI from their existing EDR agents.

Maximizing Existing Investments

Organizations have already invested in EDR technology, and integrating these existing solutions with an advanced platform maximizes their utility. This approach prevents the need for substantial new investments in additional security tools, thus optimizing the use of existing resources.

Streamlining Security Infrastructure

The integration leads to a more streamlined and cost-efficient security infrastructure—because things are complicated enough. By enhancing the capabilities of existing EDR agents with a comprehensive platform, organizations can avoid the costs associated with deploying and maintaining multiple, overlapping security tools.

Reducing Incident Response Costs

With a more effective threat detection and response mechanism, organizations can significantly reduce the costs associated with incident response.

The global average cost of a data breach in 2023 was USD 4.45 million, a 15% increase over the last three years. [IBM]

Modern cybersecurity platforms provide a more effective means to take remediating actions, helping organizations reduce attack dwell time, lost revenue, and reputational damage.

A Strategic Cybersecurity Enhancement for EDR Agents

Amid shrinking budgets, security teams are persistently challenged to enhance defenses against ever-evolving barrage of cyber threats. While organizations don’t ‘need’ to have existing agents in place,  integrating existing EDR agents with a cybersecurity platform like our own is a significant strategic enhancement of an organization’s cybersecurity posture. This approach bolsters security defenses and ensures a substantial ROI by optimizing existing investments and streamlining security operations—and that’s a clear call for C-Suite investment.

We’re living in a time of constant industry change. Being responsive and maximizing our resources will protect our environments effectively in the months to come. It’s a complex job for security teams, but according to the network security engineers and CISOs I speak to, EDR integration offers a balanced, powerful, cost-effective solution, and the knowledge gained from doing so must be an essential consideration for any (truly) strong cybersecurity stack.

We’re the only platform that allows security teams to leverage existing EDR agents like this, expanding on telemetry data insights from our friends at SentinelOne, and CrowdStrike Falcon, and insight into OT/IoT devices through the asset intelligence platform Armis. If you’d like to find out more about how the TrueFort Platform can help maximize organizational ROI by maximizing the benefits of your existing EDR agents, please get in touch. One of my colleagues will be happy to take you through a no-obligation demonstration and show you why so many of our existing customers are excited by our approach, and how they’re using our platform to get more out of their existing agents.

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