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TAG Welcomes Truefort to Its Exclusive Private Exchange

TAG Infosphere, the world’s leading next-generation cybersecurity analysis firm, is proud to announce the addition of TrueFort to its prestigious TAG Exchange platform.

New York, NY – March 6, 2024 – TAG Infosphere, the world’s leading next-generation cybersecurity analysis firm, is proud to announce the addition of TrueFort to its prestigious TAG Exchange platform. TrueFort, a prominent cybersecurity vendor known for its world-class micro-segmentation services, joins the elite ranks of cybersecurity leaders featured on the AI-powered Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) portal offered to major enterprise teams and government agencies. This inclusion solidifies TrueFort’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions to a broader audience.

TAG, which is headquartered in New York, is at the forefront of connecting organizations with the industry’s top-performing cybersecurity providers. Dr. Edward Amoroso, former CISO of AT&T and current CEO of TAG, leads the charge in curating this AI-powered SaaS research platform, designed to empower organizations with the most advanced and effective cybersecurity solutions available.

Dr. Amoroso commented on this exciting collaboration, saying, “We are delighted to welcome TrueFort to the TAG Exchange, where we highlight the crème de la crème of the cybersecurity industry to our esteemed clients. TrueFort’s innovative micro-segmentation services have consistently demonstrated their effectiveness in safeguarding organizations against evolving cyber threats. We eagerly anticipate the value this partnership will bring to our community.”

TrueFort’s CEO, Sameer Malhotra, expressed his enthusiasm as well: “Inclusion in the TAG Exchange represents recognition of TrueFort’s unwavering commitment to cybersecurity excellence. Our micro-segmentation services offer unparalleled security, and our partnership with TAG will enable us to extend these capabilities to a broader audience of enterprises and government agencies seeking the highest level of protection. We are excited about the possibilities this collaboration brings.”

Micro-segmentation, a cybersecurity strategy that enhances network security by dividing it into smaller, isolated segments, is at the core of TrueFort’s offerings. TrueFort’s micro-segmentation solutions provide exceptional granularity, visibility, and protection against advanced threats, making them an invaluable addition to the TAG Exchange’s curated list of top-tier cybersecurity vendors.

TrueFort’s presence on the TAG Exchange will provide organizations with access to a wealth of resources, insights, and expertise, empowering them to make informed decisions about their cybersecurity strategies. Through this partnership, TrueFort aims to equip enterprises and government agencies with the proactive defenses needed to combat evolving cyber threats and bolster their overall security posture.

About TrueFort

TrueFort is a leading cybersecurity vendor specializing in micro-segmentation solutions. Committed to redefining security, TrueFort empowers organizations to protect critical assets and sensitive data by offering granular visibility and control within their network. TrueFort’s innovative approach to cybersecurity enables organizations to proactively defend against emerging threats and secure their digital transformation initiatives. To learn more, visit

About TAG

TAG is a prominent cybersecurity analysis firm dedicated to providing cutting-edge insights and solutions to organizations worldwide. The TAG Exchange, driven by AI and SaaS technology, showcases the industry’s top performers, offering valuable resources to enterprises and government agencies seeking to enhance their cybersecurity posture. To learn more, visit

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Marc Gedron

PR for TrueFort

About TrueFort

TrueFort puts you in control of lateral movement across the data center and cloud. The TrueFort Cloud extends protection beyond network activity by shutting down the abuse of service accounts. Founded by former IT executives from Bank of America and Goldman Sachs, leading global enterprises trust TrueFort to deliver unmatched application environment discovery and microsegmentation for both identity and activity.

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