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TrueFort Announces Fast Zero Trust Workload Segmentation for CrowdStrike Customers

TrueFort application now available in CrowdStrike Store, detects and prevents lateral movement of malware used in ransomware and account compromise attacks

WEEHAWKEN, NJ – Sep. 14, 2021– TrueFort, the zero trust application protection company, today announced a platform integration with CrowdStrike, a leader in cloud-delivered endpoint and workload protection, that enables joint customers to protect their applications and workloads against cyber attacks using Zero Trust workload microsegmentation. This integration gives organizations the power to quickly enable microsegmentation and enforce least-privilege security policies on applications and workloads via the CrowdStrike Falcon agents they already have installed, with no additional agents required.

“Together we provide advanced threat detection and response capabilities that can contain and shut down ransomware, insider attacks and reconnaissance activity.”  |  Tweet this

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On September 15, 2021 at 10am PST /1pm EST, TrueFort and CrowdStrike will host a webinar entitled “Stop Cyber Threats with Microsegmentation”. For more information and registration details visit this page.

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Malware that has moved laterally to cloud workloads was rated as the top cybersecurity incident experienced by respondents in a recent ESG Report. The ability to microsegment apps and workloads gives organizations a way to close off those vulnerabilities and make it harder for malware and attackers to move laterally across the network. Microsegmentation can reduce the blast radius of an active attack and bring several additional benefits, including a proactive reduction in the attack surface, improved breach containment and stronger compliance posture. 

“Our integration with CrowdStrike allows customers to automate the deployment and enforcement of zero trust microsegmentation policies using their existing investment in the  Falcon platform,” said Sameer Malhotra, CEO of TrueFort. “Together we provide advanced threat detection and response capabilities that can contain and shut down ransomware, insider attacks and reconnaissance activity.” 

The TrueFort Fortress platform uses automation combined with machine intelligence and a unique behavior-based approach to autogenerate and enforce workload segmentation policies. This gives security teams a better understanding of which workload behaviors can be trusted and reduces the effort usually required to manually create and maintain segmentation policies. These capabilities are extended to CrowdStrike customers who can apply TrueFort’s workload behavioral understanding, trust model, and automated enforcement immediately via CrowdStrike’s Falcon agent leveraging Falcon Firewall Management and Falcon Data Replicator (FDR) data to empower policy creation and enforcement. 

“We are proud to have TrueFort as part of the CrowdStrike Store, providing customers leading-edge application and workload protection against today’s advanced, behavior-based threats,” said Matthew Polly, vice president of Worldwide Alliances, Channels and Business Development at CrowdStrike. “The CrowdStrike Store was built on the Falcon platform to provide customers with an open and trusted ecosystem of applications to meet their unique IT and security needs, allowing them to extend their existing investment in the Falcon platform and enabling them to reduce risk by leveraging validated best-of-breed application integrations.”

Turnkey, Zero Trust Microsegmentation

TrueFort provides a host of important benefits and capabilities for security teams via its integration with the CrowdStrike Falcon platform:

  • Leverages the CrowdStrike Falcon agent for fast deployment of zero trust protection
  • Automates application workload discovery, environment mapping and visualization, workload behavioral profiling, and segmentation policy creation, testing, and deployment, speeding time to customer value
  • Auto-generates and updates segmentation policies based on real-world runtime workload behavioral analytics to eliminate any impact on business operations
  • Monitors changes in behavior and automatically keeps policies up to date with self-healing maintenance and tuning as application workloads evolve over time or new ones are added
  • Delivers continuous cloud-to-ground application and workload visibility across the entire application environment 



TrueFort Fortress with CrowdStrike Falcon integration is available immediately on the CrowdStrike Store and at

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Marc Gedron

PR for TrueFort

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TrueFort puts you in control of lateral movement across the data center and cloud. The TrueFort Cloud extends protection beyond network activity by shutting down the abuse of service accounts. Founded by former IT executives from Bank of America and Goldman Sachs, leading global enterprises trust TrueFort to deliver unmatched application environment discovery and microsegmentation for both identity and activity.

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