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Press release

TrueFort Launches the TrueFort Trust Global Channel Partner Program

Security Partner Ecosystem will Focus on Addressing Customer Challenges Associated with Lateral Attack Protection, Workload Security and Microsegmentation

TrueFort, the lateral movement protection company, today announced the TrueFort Trust Partner Program for IT solution providers, systems integrators, consultants, MSPs/MSSPs and ISVs to deliver custom workload, lateral attack and microsegmentation security solutions. The program uses a channel-friendly model that allows partners to capitalize on new market opportunities to generate new recurring revenue streams.    

TrueFort provides deep visibility and real-time protection for cloud, data center, and hybrid application environments. On day one, TrueFort channel partners benefit from application intelligence and workload behavior analytics to enforce Zero Trust microsegmentation that contains lateral movement and stops the spread of ransomware. TrueFort has unique full-stack cloud workload capabilities based on patented behavioral analytics and policy automation, specifically designed to address the complexities and dynamic nature of modern workloads. 

“TrueFort enables partners to deliver value-added services to prevent zero-day, supply chain and ransomware attacks.”

“Our channel-first model allows partners to engage in accordance with their business structure and growth initiatives.  The more you invest and collaborate with TrueFort, the more benefits and rewards you will receive in return.”

Jay Dosanjh, VP Channels and Alliances for TrueFort.

TrueFort Partner Program Details  

The multi-tier TrueFort Partner Program includes the following elements to enable partners to succeed and capitalize on this fast-growing market opportunity:

  • Enables partners to differentiate their offerings via TrueFort’s integrated, lifecycle approach to microsegmention, service account protection, workload hardening, and file integrity monitoring
  • Provides automation to trigger response in ticketing systems, CMDBs, and SOC tools
  • Partner participation profitability and gamified incentives 
  • Access to a Knowledge Base of sales assets, use cases, and technical collateral
  • Deal registration to reduce channel conflict and provide opportunity protection
  • Sandbox license for TrueFort Platform to demonstrate use cases and capabilities to prospects and customers
  • Marketing support and market development funds for joint programs, events and Go-to Market initiatives
  • Dedicated sales and system engineering support for successful deployments 
  • Partner enablement and training resources helping you crawl, walk, and run on your own
  • Dedicated Partner Account Team
  • Differentiated partner levels, providing greater value based on engagement and joint opportunities

Channel partners seek innovative solutions to address sophisticated cyberattacks,” said Charbel Tawil, Chairman and CEO of Forequest Technologies.  “By providing a continuous detection and response platform that understands accepted behavior, TrueFort controls lateral movement used by zero-day, supply chain and ransomware attacks.”  

Top Market Opportunities

Three of the leading customer use cases that TrueFort channel partners can monetize are:

1) Microsegmentation – TrueFort Zero Trust segmentation goes beyond other limited microsegmentation products by leveraging a behavioral understanding of applications that spans activity from network connections, users, and executed commands.

2) Granular Application Visibility – TrueFort provides a unified, real-time view of all user, network, and process behavior within applications across cloud, virtual, container-based, and traditional environments. This makes it easy to establish and detect trusted and untrusted relationships between applications. 

 3) Incident Response and Threat Hunting – TrueFort enables workflow-driven, rule-based real-time response to attacks. It enables customers to detect and shut down unapproved lateral movement by blocking network connections, killing processes, and disconnecting users in real-time.

For more information on joining the TrueFort Partner Program visit: TrueFort | Partners

Media Contact

Marc Gedron

PR for TrueFort

About TrueFort

TrueFort puts you in control of lateral movement across the data center and cloud. The TrueFort Cloud extends protection beyond network activity by shutting down the abuse of service accounts. Founded by former IT executives from Bank of America and Goldman Sachs, leading global enterprises trust TrueFort to deliver unmatched application environment discovery and microsegmentation for both identity and activity.

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