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Detect Insider Threats Through Personal and Service Account Analytics

Service accounts are a necessary part of the administrative process of applications, but if compromised, they give attackers unrestricted access to move laterally across environments and access critical data. They are rarely managed appropriately and almost never retired, which makes them predictable targets. TrueFort detects insider threats, monitors, and learns trusted connection patterns of users, applications, and service accounts. 

Untracked service accounts represent an easy path to compromised credentials

  • Forgotten accounts are vulnerabilities – Old and orphaned accounts are spread throughout servers and applications, and their use goes undetected
  • IoT and automation grow service account usage – As these privileged accounts are needed and used at high volume, finding something erratic is highly difficult
  • UEBA solutions only understand user accounts – end users and automated machines behave in dramatically different ways when accessing key assets
  • PAM and IAM solutions lack behavior – identity management solutions lack context on where, when, and how service accounts are being used and what they are authorized to do

Securing privileged accounts requires deep understanding of their use

Improve service account behavior

Automatically find, report and track usage across servers, workloads, and applications to prevent unauthorized behavior.

Validate account relationships

Easily identify rotating and retiring service accounts before they break existing applications where hardcoded or locally cached credentials exist. Understanding the interactions between applications and workloads enables security teams to prevent downtime and compromised credentials.

Automate least privilege access

Enhance the identification, monitoring, and management of service accounts in the context of application to prevent business risks.

Real-time notification

Detect a suspicious behavior to immediately kill unwanted service account actions when it strays from normal, approved actions


Contain Lateral Movement by Protecting Service Accounts


Understand why regulators have recognized that service accounts, or non-human privileged accounts, are high-value targets for attackers.

TrueFort Platform: Zero Trust Segmentation and Workload Protection


TrueFort zero trust solutions proactively protect applications from APTs, data exfiltration, and many other threats to modern enterprises.

Managing the Risks of Uncontrolled Service Accounts


The Potential for Compromised Credentials - Managing the risks of uncontrolled Service Accounts

Prevent Lateral Movement by Understanding Privileged Service Account Usage


Service Account Analytics - Prevent Lateral Movement by Understanding Privileged Service Account Usage
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